I’m a non-medical trained professional that provides women and birthing people with evidence based information, emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, birthing and postnatally. As a Doula, all I want is to be there for you. Let’s get started.

A bit about me

I am Sophy Yildirim and my personal pronouns are she/her.   I am a full-spectrum antenatal, birth and postnatal doula based in Portsmouth, UK.

I started supporting parents and prospective parents as a breastfeeding support charity volunteer in 2007.  I am a retired La Leche League leader.  I became a doula after 7 years of running a baby sling library and information service called Southsea Slings.   I continue provide Southsea Slings services.  I have extensive experience of providing infant feeding and new parent support.


As your doula I can assist you in preparing fully; making space and time for you to talk, think and plan for the pregnancy & birth you want.  I am there to support you through your pregnancy & birth, giving you unconditional, non-judgmental encouragement and warmth.  


As your postnatal doula I am here to offer you essential areas of support.  Simply listening to you without any agenda, providing specific practical support, e.g. infant feeding or baby carrying solutions, helping out with a baby's siblings, or with basic household tasks.  I offer  companionship that boosts your confidence.   Often the support I give is emotional and  practical rolled into one.


I studied law and anthropology, this helped to build the foundations for being a doula; especially the  knowledge that our human rights are critical in making truly informed choices.   Access to evidence based information in preparation for becoming parents, giving birth and caring for babies is crucial.  This preparation helps to  ensure  a more positive experience of birth, becoming a parent and the postnatal period. 


I am very pleased to have studied on Leila Baker’s Side By Side Doula Preparation Course. 

In 2020 I also attended online:  The Queer Birth Club’s ‘LGBT+ Competency Workshop’ with AJ Silver and ‘Black Breastfeeding Week – International Online Event’ organised by Breaking Breastfeeding Barriers.  I am hoping to study a ‘Breastfeeding Cultural Safety Course’ with Ruth Dennison 121 Doula soon. 

I am proud to be a supporter member of the Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services – AIMS.


I was actively involved in a Portsmouth Peer-to-Peer Birth Support Group after my first child was born in 2004. I now love volunteering on the committee for a local community support group called Informed Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond.   


If you are interested in the services I provide please do contact me, or feel free to go ahead and book a no strings attached chat with me here.

Doula Sophy - Sophy Yildirim
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