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Human milk feeding Preparation & Support

Info and links listed here are not advice. I cannot 100% guarantee all is accurate and update at the time you read, so you may need to check and do your own research in your local area BUT the organisations and links should give you a good idea of where to start and what support is available. Feeding support is there for a wide range of issues not just for those wishing to feed a baby directly from their body or on human milk alone – support is available for those wishing to mix feed donor/formula or those wanting to stop feeding safely too.

Lactation / Breastfeeding / Chest/bodyfeeding Preparation & Support

Please see below a list of phone numbers and links to websites for infant feeding support:

National BF Helpline Phone 0300 100 0212 between 09.30am – 09.30pm, webchat at &

Facebook group - local, facilitated by Breastfeeding Network South Coast

local support listed here too.

National Breastfeeding Helpline: 0300 100 0212 9.30am to 9.30pm

Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop via Zoom

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month 10-11.30am –

email to book.

La Leche League 03451202918 open 8am till 11pm

For antenatal breastfeeding classes email this address:

If you have been receiving care from midwives in the UK they should be available 24hrs to support with breastfeeding until you are discharged and then health visitors should also be available for breastfeeding support. The quality, provision and availability NHS services can vary dramatically.

NHS Antenatal Breastfeeding classes are sometimes available, ask a midwife or if in

Portsmouth you could try emailing In

your email please include your full name, date of birth, telephone contact and estimated due


Highest level of qualification in lactation support - International Board Credited

Lactation Consultant IBCLC In UK:

Some doulas, myself included also have specialised areas such as lactation support with packages to prepare antenatally, as well as postnatal support.

Infant Feeding Information – Breastfeeding Support in Portsmouth, UK Area

PHT Maternity Services If you are receiving midwifery care & need advice with

feeding your baby please phone Portsmouth Maternity Centre on 023 805 40777.

If overnight please phone B5 02392 286000 Ext 3284.

Health Visiting Services

Solent Phone 0300 123 6629 or Solent Pulse Text Message Advice Service 07491


National BF Helpline Phone 0300 100 0212 between 09.30am – 09.30pm, webchat

Breastfeeding Network or for video

conference email to request this.

National & International:

UK - National BF Helpline Phone 0300 100 0212 between 09.30am – 09.30pm, webchat

Further Resources:

First Steps Nutrition

Independent public health nutrition charity who aim to provide resources to support eating well from pre-conception to five years.

These resources cover a range of issues around bottle feeding, including making up

feeds and responsive bottle feeding:


Every UK hospital & often internationally will have a specialised ‘infant feeding’ team/lead – You can always advocate to be supported by such a team if other support is not working, or you are experiencing special circumstances. You may need to keep asking for answers to your questions and support, until you find responses that make sense for you and you feel that your choices are as informed and supported as you wish them to be.

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