You can purchase a hire of this item, to collect from me within a week of your payment.  I will contact you have your purchase is made, or feel free to contact me, call/text (07801222714) to arrange a mutually convient collection time from PO4 8BZ Portsmouth, UK - or you can request that the item is posted to you (£9 p&p). 
Here's what the manufacturers say about this baby carrier:

MySol with hip belt to tie:

When choosing the version with a hip belt to tie, you opt for a classic Mei Tai, a baby carrier with no buckles. When different people want to use the carrier, no adjustments are needed. Still, you can buy a buckle belt any time later, if you want to replace the hip belt to tie. However, buying the buckle belt later is a little bit more expensive compared to the MySol version with a buckle belt.

+ no adjustments necessary

+ no hard plastic parts

Product description



Reversible. One side Alaska light grey, one side Alaska turquoise

Suitable for

From newborn till toddlerhood (app. size 50/56 – 98 or age 2+)


All our Baby Carriers are ASTM F2236 compliant.

All our Baby Carriers are PROP 65 compliant.


Shoulder straps – 2 m

Padded part – 0,50 m

Shoulder strap unpadded – 1,50 m

waist belt to tie – 2,30 m

Middle: padded part – 0,80 m

Waistbelt unpadded – 0,70 m

buckle waist belt – min. 0,68 cm, max. 1,55 m

back panel – 35 cm resp. 44 cm

Length above waistbelt – 60 cm

Seat – min. 15 cm - 50 cm max.

Head support – max 23 cm


One MySol babycarrier with hip belt of your choice, a handy pouch, a chest belt to be closed with velcro for back carry, a nice storage bag made from matching wrap fabric for safekeeping your MySol, illustrated instruction leaflet.

Washing instructions:

Machine washable, 30° up to 60°, preferably in a pillow case. To protect the fabric as well as the environment we recommend a low temperature. Please use mild detergent and a gentle cycle (max. 900 rev.), no softener or brightener.

No dryer. Do not iron shoulder straps and hip belt.


The MySol babycarrier is the perfect alternative to a wrap. With the MySol you can carry your baby from birth till toddlerhood safely, comfortably and ergonomically tummy to tummy or on your back.

Its design is based on traditional Asian babycarriers, called Meh Dai, adapted to modern needs by adding sophisticated features.

The MySol consists of two layers of our high-quality woven wrap fabric. Thus it nestles around your baby like a second skin providing perfect support. You can wear your MySol facing out either of the two sides – which makes it a two-in-one carrier colourwise!

The MySol is a babycarrier meant for lasting babywearing joy. This carrier accomodates your baby as they grow: The width of the seat can be adjuszed smoothly and easily which is important for the spread-squat-position (knees higher than bottom) and thus supporting the healthy development of baby's hips particularly during the first 12 months. The back panel allows for resizing according to your baby's growth: As soon as your baby grows into size 74/80, simply thread the waistband into the lower tunnel. An integrated sleep hood (also fully adjustable) supports the head of your sleeping baby and also helps to protect from the sun. Also, you can adjust the width of the neck area. Padded shoulder straps and a padded and waist belt help to make babywearing a most comfortable experience for you.

Developing the MySol we decided to avoid hard plastic parts, clasps, buckles and complicated adjustment features. Instead, we added a chest belt for carrying on the back and a practical hip bag for all the important items such as your wallet, keys or mobile.

Girasol developed the MySol in cooperation with experienced babywearing consultants. It is manufactured, hand woven and sewn with love, by skilled artisans in small workshops in Guatemala under fair-trade conditions. For comfortable babywearing joy with love and conscience!

+ from birth to toddler
+ easy to use
+ made from woven wrap fabric, no irritating plastic parts
+ reversible, including chest belt, hip bag and storage bag *please note original chest strap currently not included*

Download PDF instruction leaflet:

HIRE Girasol MySol Alaska (orignal chest strap not included at present)

  • Please refer to the safety recommendations 

    You can purchase a hire of this item, to collect from me within a week of your payment.  I will contact you have your purchase is made, or feel free to contact me, call/text (07801222714) to arrange a mutually convient collection time from PO4 8BZ Portsmouth, UK - or you can request that the item is posted to you (£9 p&p). 

    Loan Terms and Conditions

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    2. Loan Cost and Duration Each carrier loan costs £30 for 4 weeks. £10 for a week and £20 for 2 weeks. For consultations available remotely or face to face see Loans of carriers for 3 months or more (at Sophy Yildirim's discretion) are available at a cost of £20 per 4 weeks per carrier.  The minimum term for the Long Term Hire is 3 months payable monthly by standing order or the total sum of £60 (per carrier) payable at the start of the hire period. A hired carrier can be exchanged for another type or size of carrier during hire periods, at a mutually convenient time, costing £2.50 each time the item is swapped. No demonstrations or support is give for a swap or collection of hired or bought item.

    3. No Deposit - unless the item is being posted.

    a. Personal identification may be required for each loan. Suitable ID includes UK driver's license, utility bill with full residential address, or passport.

    b. The replacement of any lost carriers, accessories or instructions will be paid for by the person hiring. Failure to return items within the loan period without communication will be treated as theft and reported to the police authorities.

    c. Charges for damage beyond normal wear and tear will be judged on an individual basis.

    4. Payment Methods a.    Loan costs are payable bypayment on this website, cash and debit/credit card or Bank Transfer at the discretion of Sophy Yildirim.

    5. Late Returns For any days overdue we will charge £2.50 per day late fees. Failure to renew an item on or before the date of a hire period ending will incur this fee.

    6. Returning and Posting Carriers All items to be returned to: Sophy Yildirim, 54 Heyshott Road, Southsea Hampshire, PO4 8BZ Should you need to return a carrier by post you must do so at your own cost and risk. We advise that you use Recorded or Special Delivery depending on the value of the carrier and retain proof of postage. Please ensure you allow enough time for the carrier to arrive by its return due date - Late fees will be charged if received after the return due date. Please ensure that the carrier, instructions and any accessories are packaged appropriately – We would prefer that you ‘double-bag’ the carrier and write both our address and your return address on both layers.

    7. Condition of the Carrier All carriers are checked before lending to ensure that they are in good condition and working order. The borrower should check the condition of the carrier prior to the start of the loan. It is the borrower’s responsibility to check over the carrier before every use. Check all buckles, hems and seams, ensuring that there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If and damage is discovered, please stop using the carrier immediately and contact us.

    8. Safe Use of Carriers a.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use. If, for any reason you are unable to find t