Birth Prep & Hypnobirthing Courses

Pregnant and want to feel prepared, informed and perhaps even excited to be giving birth? 


The hypnobirthing courses I provide, support expectant parents & any birth partners, to become confident, well-informed and positive about their unique pregnancy, labour, birth  and postpartum.  Hypnobirthing provides you with a tool kit that stacks the odds in your favour for a positive birth experience.  Far from being just about relaxation and breathing techniques, though these are an awesome element; you get informed about all things birth:  from birth planning, physiology, optimal positioning, comfort measures, to having choices about your own special circumstances. You get to know your legal rights and learn great decision making tools.   Hypnobirthing is a powerful force to enable changing a fearful mindset, into one that is positive, informed and enthusiastic about giving birth.  The hypnobirthing tools you learn, are all self-determined & based on solid scientific evidence of the mind body connection.   From visualisations to affirmations you decide what techniques and processes work best for you.  

As a birth & postnatal doula I am privileged to see the positive outcomes from expectant parents that prepare for birth by attending great hypnobirthing courses.  I am proud to be trained by The Birth Uprising school of hypnobirthing.  As of now, May 2022, I am offering an person group course in June.  I will be updating my offerings - do get in in touch with any queries.

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